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Professional physical trainer and inventor of the Cognicube

A job - A life - A passion

Frédéric is a professional physical trainer who works internationally with high-level athletes (team and individual sports).
Passionate and constantly seeking to improve performance, he invented the Cognicube which combines innovative technologies (IOT) with cognitive processes.

Working for more than 30 years in the backstage of high level professional sports, he has a remarkable track record with many European and national trophies.

He is also the author of two books on integrated physical preparation.

The integrated physical preparation

Amphora Publishing

A life trajectory

Logo cogniconnect - préparation physique cognitive

Sports - Health - Cognition - Education - Neuroscience

Pauline Roussin Bouchard's physical trainer

N° 1 in the world Wagr golf / pro LPGA 2022

Physical Preparation Referent (Perceptual training)

RC Toulon Rugby School Association (Top14 - France)

CEO startup "Cogniconnect"
Pauline Roussin Bouchard's physical trainer

French Golf Team

Referent Physical Preparation

RC Toulon Rugby Association (Top14 - France)

CEO Cogniconnect

IOT and Cognitive Neurosciences

Physical trainer Lausanne Sport (Switzerland)
Physical trainer FC Sion (Switzerland)

Swiss Cup winner 2011 & Europa League qualification

Physical trainer Marlène Broggi (professional car pilot)

Winner of the women's Andros Trophy, pilot at the "24h du Mans".

Physical trainer of the ESCR Volleyball Pro F (France)

1/2 finaliste championnat de France et qualification Européenne

Physical trainer of the RC Cannes Volley Ball Pro F (France)

Double European champions: 2002 and 2003

Triple European Championship, French Championship, French Cup: 2003

Physical trainer AS Cannes Volley Ball Pro A (France)

Vice-champion de France – Qualification Européenne

Physical trainer of the AS Cannes training center (1997 - 2003)
Physical trainer for RC Mandelieu Rugby (Féd. 1 - France)

Quarter finalist of the French Rugby championship Fédérale 1

Physical trainer for the Rugby Olympique de Grasse (France)

3 division upgrades in 3 years

Physical trainer for RC Rugby Nice (France)

French 2nd division champion and promotion to the elite level

Tennis physical trainer / ranked tennis players (-2/6)
Physical trainer for Cyril Esquirol (France)

Vice world champion in motorcycle enduro

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