Target audience

Scope, objectives and target audience

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3 ecosystems are covered: education, health and sport

The education

Objectives :

The COGNICUBE is an aid to the evaluation, acquisition and development of cognitive-motor skills.

Target audiences:

  • in B2B, undergraduate and graduate schools
  • in B2C, the teachers.
The health

Objectives :

  • The COGNICUBE makes it possible to set up and adapt therapeutic practices to maintain or restore previously acquired cognitive-motor skills.

Target audiences :

  • In B2B, hospitals, post-trauma rehabilitation structures, Ehpad-type structures.
  • In B2C, practitioners, researchers…
The sport

Objectives :

The COGNICUBE makes it possible to evaluate, acquire and train the perceptual-motor skills necessary for the successful practice of various sports.

Target audiences :

  • in B2B associations, clubs, fitness structures, sports federations.
  • In B2C, coaches, educational staff, sports physiologists, physical trainers.

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