The Concept

For the movement to have a meaning !

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The motor action exists only through the cognitive action

Motor acceleration - The vision
The vision is a tool for visual perception.
  • The cortex reveals the visual scene: shapes, colors, contrasts, movements, depth in a 3d space seen by both eyes
  • The central vision allows the recognition of shapes and colors
  • The peripheral vision allows to detect and analyze the movements
Ocular saccades: a voluntary mechanical act whose speed varies from 400 to 900°/s over a duration of less than 50 ms. Its speed profile presents a single progressive acceleration towards a speed peak, followed by a single deceleration.
The gymnastics of the eye
Cognitive acceleration - the invisible acceleration !

The cognitive action is before the motor action. This time before is a time ahead for the player !

Be attentive, focused, is to inhibit all sensory information, external or internal, not directly focused by the achievement of an immediate goal.

To be mindful is to be in the present moment and to anticipate the immediate future.

The perception
Motion acceleration - The movement
It is essential to identify two types of acceleration: positive acceleration (A+), which has a high metabolic cost, and negative acceleration (A-), which is often performed at high mechanical load. Studies conducted on various team sports practiced at very high level give indications on the frequency of accelerations at high and very high intensity:
  • High intensity study* (16 studies / 7 sports): frequency of negative accelerations is higher than positive accelerations (except US soccer)
  • Very high intensity study** (6 studies / 4 sports): the frequency of negative accelerations is higher (except US soccer).
* acceleration > 2,5 m/s2
** acceleration > 3,5 m/s2
Poisitve accelerations
Negative accelerations

To be mindful is to be in the moment
and anticipate the immediate future.

Impact on training content

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Develop perceptual and motor-cognitive learning

Balancing A+ and A- training ratios

It appears that currently the amount and quality of positive acceleration work is far greater in the area of athletic training.

Knowing that the mechanical load of negative accelerations is often very important, thus potentially increasing injuries, it would be wise :

  • to balance the A+ and A- training ratios;
  • to perform at least fifty percent of the training load with “braking” motor skills.

The objective: to develop an effective and efficient adaptation in the zones and during game situations associated with negative acceleration !

Optimize your training method

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